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Thermoforming of Plastic in Canada

If you are looking for better solutions for thermoforming plastics, then you have come to the right place.

Formco specializes in thermoforming and pressure forming. We provide you and your company a wide range of services to make sure that we meet your quality, pricing, and all around service requirements. Formco offers services; specifically thermoforming of plastics and through the years has created some of the most innovative solutions when it comes to accomplishing all needs when it comes to selection of the right materials and regulatory requirements.

Fast Turnaround

One of the biggest challenges that most thermoforming companies in Canada experience is the ability to meet deadlines. Providing the best and the fastest service can be quite a challenge especially when it comes to servicing bulk orders.

We make sure that we not only provide fast turnaround for all your orders, but provide durability, quality, and exceptional customer service at all times. We make sure that we meet all our deadlines but never compromise quality in the process. Each client is treated with high importance and we make sure that we live up to our standards.

Superior Details and Intricate Designs

Thermoforming of plastic is the best process to use especially if your plastic products require intricate designs or complicated details. By using this process, we can make your plastic containers and products better than all the rest. Who says that detailed designs are hard to do? With the help of Formco’s thermoforming services nothing is impossible.

  • For the mass production of thermoformed plastic parts the process is mechanized.
  • A roll of plastic sheet is machine-fed past heating elements which makes the plastic pliable.
  • The heated plastic is then drawn between the two halves of the mold (one half is 'male' and the other half is 'female').
  • Using hydraulics, with vacuum assistance, the plastic sheet is squeezed between the two halves of the mold which then forms the plastic part.
  • The thermoforming molds also contain blades to cut the individual parts from the plastic sheet.
  • When the hydraulics retract, the plastic sheet is automatically freed from the mold and advances for the individual parts to be removed.
  • Formco Plastics is a leading innovator of thermoforming industry in Canada.
thermoforming of plastic in Canada

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