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Types of Plastic Packaging in Canada

Packaged food is preferable by everyone because proper packaging acts like a protecting covering for the food and labels it as a healthy and fresh food. It not just keeps food fresh but also adds taste, preservation and convenience to today’s on-the-go generation. Morning hours are rushed affairs for every household and we all want everything ready to use and planned. Packaging material plays a vital role in wrapping the food. Amongst several materials used for packaging like paper, glass and wood, plastic packaging Canada is the most favorable materials used for effectual branding because besides being inexpensive and convenient; plastic also has the ability to fit to any shape and size without weigh down its quality.

We, at Formco Plastics, have gained a rich experience in serving our valued clients with the best vacuum molding and vacuum forming services. With the rise of flexible packaging materials and lamination, packaging any type of food is very simple like liquid, oil and solid food. Edibles and other products are packaged with materials like packaging films, flexible laminates rolls, sealed pouch, stretch films, shrink films, plastic pouches and laminated pouches etc. In the past several years, the market for plastic packaging materials market has grown tremendously.

Uses of Plastic Packaging

Almost all industries prefer plastic packaging to protect the consumer goods and also to increase their durability because without proper packaging a product may get seriously affected by changing climatic conditions and this may result to damage, malfunction and shorter shelf-life. Besides edible products, there are various products in beauty and electronic industry that require suitable packaging. However, the packaging materials may differ from product to product like PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is used primarily for packaging of food products in produce, fruit juice, jelly, pickles, health drinks etc. The material is lightweight, clear and protects against gas and moisture. While high density polyethylene (HPDE) packaging material is used for beauty products and cosmetics like shampoos, dish washing soaps.

Apart from above-mentioned usages, plastic packaging is of great help in storing food in refrigerators so as to preserve its freshness. Thin plastic films are used to cover bread, cakes, puddings and chocolates. In addition to this, garbage bags and polythene covers also fall under plastic packaging materials category. Citing the growing demand of plastic packaging, Formco Plastics offers the highest quality packaging products and best-in-class service in plastic packaging Canada market.

Why Formco Plastics?

If you are looking for an top quality plastic packaging Canada supplier that is competent to fulfill all your custom demands on plastic packaging, than you are at the right place! We at Formco Plastics utilize superior technology and professional experience of experts to manufacture and supply all kinds of plastic packaging materials. We work with a basic aim to offer greater gratification to our customers within their affordable budget range.

Formco provides the best service and highest quality products when it comes to plastic packaging in Canada.

• PET Polyethylene Terephthalate – Useful for plastic covering of food items in bakery, produce and shop. It is additionally utilized for non-food products that don't require the same quality as the PVC for instance. Moreover, it is clear, lightweight and ensures against dampness and gas. (Water bottles are PET)

• RPET Remanufactured Polyethylene Terephthalate – Reused PET utilized that quality depends on the source for both foodstuff and utility plastic bundling Canada.

• PLA Polylactic Acid – Utilized fundamentally within plastic bundling for food items, produced out of corn derivates, is biodegradable (mechanical). Opposes oil and fat and has high clarity. It originates from a renewable source, yet fails to offer the framework in generally groups for reuse to date.

• PP Polypropylene – Perfectly comply to utilize in plastic covering for various bakery holders, arches, clamshells. Highly impervious to oils and dampness. Extremely light weight. Not decently reused in generally groups.

• PVC Polyvinyl Chloride – Utilized for rankle bundling and other plastic bundling that require inflexibility or extremely tough bundling. Exceptionally impervious to chemicals and oil.

• PVC – Pharmaceutical review utilized for pills rankle bundling as a part of Canada and worldwide.

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