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Advantage of Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is one of the most widely used types of plastic packaging to date. This type of packaging proves to be a lot more secure than other types of containers. You can shape it to any form and size that you want, plus it is definitely one of the strongest, most durable, and versatile of all packaging types. But with all the advantages of using it, it also has a simplistic factor to it which is the reason why a lot of companies choose to have their products stored and contained in this type of packaging.

There are several clamshell packaging types to choose from.

Tri Fold Clamshell

Formco provides companies and business owners to choose from a variety of plastic packaging designs to make sure that each product exudes certain uniqueness to it. One of the best types of clamshell packaging is the tri fold clamshell in which the container has a triangular base which also allows it to stand on its own.

This is great for products that need to be display standing up and is more common in toy packaging.

Bi Fold Clamshell

This is the most common type of clamshell, especially when it comes to food packaging. The bi fold clamshell has one fold that is located in the middle. This container looks and functions like an actual clam

Other types of clamshell packaging includes the two piece clamshell which are like two bi fold clamshells stuck to one another with two container pieces at the front and back.

  • A 'Clamshell' is a one-piece thermoformed plastic part that has it's own hinge so it can be open and closed.

  • 'One piece' construction makes a more practical and cost-effective product than two separate components.

  • This type of package is limited to being simply functional - it can also be designed with some aesthetic appeal.

  • You can take advantage of any of the existing molds we have in stock - or we can work with you on a specific design to suite your exact requirements.

  • Clear Clamshell packages allow shoppers to have a clear view of the product from any angle.

  • Hangers can be integral to the design for versatility of display.

Clamshell Packaging

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