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Formco Plastics


Formco Plastics for Vacuum Molding

Your Vacuum Molding Supplier

Formco Plastics has been in the industry since 2009 and has since started to develop means and ways to provide clients with the best vacuum molding and vacuum forming services in Canada. Plastic is one of the cheapest and most reusable items to date. It is also light and versatile which is why a lot of companies choose to use plastic for containers for all sorts of items.

Formco gives you the ability to form and mold your own plastic containers and stray away from the usual square, rectangle, and circular shaped containers. You can create your own unique shape and design and Formco provides with the best ways to do it.

Vacuum Pressure Forming for Plastic

One of the best techniques when it comes to vacuum forming plastic is the use of pressure forming. This method is chosen by companies because it provides better and more defined designs for your plastics. You can forget about plain and boring designs and shapes because with pressure forming you can create all the high definition designs and details that will truly make your creation stand out from the rest.

Twin Sheet Vacuum Formed Plastics

Twin sheet forming is a type of vacuum forming which is used to connect double walled parts. The entire process involves the use of two parts wherein they are formed together using pressure minus the use of any type of adhesive or fasteners to fuse them together.

All of these are available at Formco Plastics with best service and the most cost effective rates in the market.

Formco is equipped to provide short run and large volume solutions. Take advantage of our short run vacuum forming capabilities and remain cost competitive by avoiding the high cost of carrying inventory.


As a vacuum molding process, vacuum forming plastic offers several   advantages over other traditional methods - eg: injection molding.

Excellent cost savings on smaller production runs because prototypes
  can be created using wood molds. This allows for fast and inexpensive
  design adjustments.

Production parts can be created from relatively inexpensive aluminum and
  epoxy molds.

A wide range of colours and characteristics on finished products, such as
  wood-grain appearance.

Thermoforming can produce thin-walled products precisely and cost

Thousands of product types are possible. Clamshell packaging, blister
, bakery domes, paint trays, plastic trays, instrument panels and
  countless more products are all examples of vacuum formed plastics.

Vacuum Molding

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